That's me! I'm Emily Lewis, the photographer and the creative force behind Brighter Day Photography.

I have a solid foundation in commercial photography and a degree in Integrated Media, and I channel my background into helping women business owners create a visual brand identity that they love and feel confident in showing to the world! 

My super power is "seeing" the essence of a business owner and infusing that essence into images and content that tell their engaging and authentic brand story. 

Meet your new

creative bff

Meet your new
 creative bff

I'm  guessing  we're  alot  alike...

 In embracing imperfection:  it's okay to have messy hair and a messy desk – it's a sign that we're living life to the fullest!

You don't have to be a workaholic
to be successful. Really.

In being proud of our many hats: we're the queens of multitasking! Who needs a crown when you've got a closet full of hats?

I believe: